Unsupported devices, thank you

Hi don’t understand why after 2-3 years of subscription and happiness on zwift, they don’t like me anymore and forcing me to quit. I tried everything I could, my old ipad air iOS12 is not suppored since the summer, I have a second ipad, no way, an android tabled with android 9, and another with 11, both incompatible probably for the opengl, I tried to stay on zwift throwing out 5 different tablets and one mac who doesn’t have BT4LE… but there is no way to run it and I cannot certainly buy a new ipad, a sixth one spending 350 eur just to run zwift… thank you zwift for not supporting all my entire life anymore (and please don’t tell me that I should train with my work lab expensive 3k MacBook Pro hanging somehow in front of the bycicle)

I can’t speak to the tablets, but the mac that lacks BT4LE should be usable with a dongle (around $15)

I’d be surprised if an iPad with iOS 13-15 could not be used, since those are all supported

At some point, it becomes economically unfeasible to support older operating systems.

Zwift made an announcement about changes to OS support, here: Upcoming Changes to Supported Operating Systems [Effective August 2022]

If you’re using the original iPad Air from 2013 (an 8 year old device), Apple elected to stop providing iPadOS updates beyond version 12 so it is affected by Zwift’s OS support change.

@Dave_ZPCMR pointed out in that thread these minimum device specs needed:

As for cost of newer devices, Apple sells refurbed (with warranty) 7th Gen iPads for 249,00 €: https://www.apple.com/it/shop/product/FW742TY/A/Refurbished-iPad-Wi-Fi-32GB-Space-Gray-7th-Generation?afid=p239|1318565&cid=aos-it-aff-ir-1318565

EDIT - AppleTV4K 2nd gens are 169,00 € Apple TV 4K 32GB (seconda generazione) ricondizionata - Apple (IT)

Frankly, the used iPad market is kind of bonkers so you could even sell your iPad Air 1 to offset the cost of a newer unit - people pay way too much for them, which could work out for you.

(and please don’t tell me that I should train with my work lab expensive 3k MacBook Pro hanging somehow in front of the bycicle)

Why not? You could get a cheap TV or monitor for like $100 and connect it to that.

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[quote=“Vito Rallo [ITA], post:1, topic:591249, username:Vito_Rallo”]
hanging somehow in front of the bycicle)

This sounds like most users are dangling laptops and tablets from strings in front of their bike or something… no, we use a table or some other type of stand :rofl:

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A 4K AppleTV is $110 on Amazon right now. At least in the U.S. it is; I don’t know about Europe.


To be fair, it could be not the risk to the laptop that’s the concern. Plenty of employers won’t like you installing something like Zwift on a work machine if the company is providing the machine. I honestly think this is a plausible part of the story–‘put it on your company-supplied computer’ isn’t a viable answer for many :slight_smile:

Ahh that’s a good point. If that’s the case here, sounds like Apple TV could be the best way to go.



By the book those android tablets should be fine as far as OS goes, what are the other details?

What phone do you have? I update older phones to the newer OS versions myself, have been running Zwift perfectly on a 5 year old Google Pixel 2 running Lineage OS. I mostly use Windows though.