compatibility of ipad

Hi guys.

I’m planning to buy a second hand ipad mini2 for zwift.

Is that machine good enough to play zwift?

Or should I buy ipad mini4 or ipad air1,2?

Also, any updates for Android OS when it will be available?



You should really be comparing these two models unless you can afford the iPad Pro: 

  • iPad 2017 (5th gen): A9 chip with 64bit architecture; Embedded M9 coprocessor
  • iPad mini 4: A8 chip with 64bit architecture; M8 motion coprocessor

I would go with the fast chip you can afford. You will get better performance.

The iPad 2017 is faster and cheaper than iPad min 4. :slight_smile: iPad Air 2 and iPad min2 are being discontinued. 

Read the reviews.

Hope this helps. 

While I wouldn’t recommend buying a mini 2 unless you got it super cheap, it will run Zwift. It is the absolute minimum spec of what we require.   Air 1 is in the same boat.

Im running Zwift on Ipad Pro, its absolutely brilliant and the sound is great too

Hi guys.

Really thanks for the information!!

ipad 2017 will be a good option for me.



I have and IPad 4 about 2 yrs old. When I try to download Zwift it tells me , device not compatible, I have the latest IOS. Is there a fix or do I have to upgrade the iPad?

iPad 4 came out 5 years ago so it’s too old to run Zwift unfortunately. The Air 1 which came out right after the iPad 4 is our minimum spec.