Training Peaks Custom Workouts Not Syncing [March 2022]

Thanks for the reply Debi…however it’s strange that this is happening only to a few users not everyone

Hey all -

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I’ve flagged this up to the team, but we’re not seeing large-scale repots of this issue betwen our server and TrainingPeak’s server.

For those of you very familiar with TrainingPeaks workout syncs: please try disconnecting your Zwift account from TP, then repair as mentioned upstream

Would you loop back and et us know if that resolved the issue for you?

If you’re somewhat less familiar with the TraininPeaks sync, be aware that TP workouts must be power-based in order to sync with Zwift. Some more foundational info is on our Support Hub

From TP

Thanks for checking in and I appreciate you letting us know that you tried my previous suggestion!

I did hear back from the team, but I’m sorry to say this does appear to be a problem on the TrainingPeaks side and is not an issue with Zwift.

I was informed by a higher technical authority within our organization that TrainingPeaks reported some warning errors impacting the workout sync functionality.

Please be advised that TrainingPeaks is evidently planning to upgrade their systems later this year. They note it’s because they have growing demands on their system.

Our team has theorized that this increased demand is possibly why Zwifters like yourself seem to be experiencing these issues happening now and not in the past. If so, you may expect to continue to see connection issues until the TrainingPeaks system is updated and our API integrations are changed to the new system.

That’s all the information that we have at this time, but we appreciate you bringing this to our attention. If you need help with anything else, please let us know and we’ll do our best to help.


This morning, I was quite pleasantly surprised to see my TP Custom Run workout sync’d into Zwift. It seems to me that in the past, only distance-based run workouts would sync… …and this one was a time-based.

Also: I use TP to create a 30minute warmup step that began in Z2 and moved to low-end of Z3. It seems to me that in the past, Zwift would interpret that as 30’ Z2… …and today, it correctly interpreted and recommended increasing the pace as the step progressed.

I mostly wanted pass on a “Thank You” for these improvements!

I am so sorry to hear that others are still encountering frustrations syncing their TP custom run workouts into Zwift. Hang in there!


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Workouts not syncing from TrainingPeaks any more (Apple TV). Disconnecting and connectings accounts did not fix the issue. Very annoying as all my workouts are defined in TrainingPeaks…

Training PEaks workout not showing in Zwift, also using Zwift on PC or iOS doesnt show the same custom workout list, is there anything more to sync account on different platform ? :rage: