TOW 2022 Stage 2 app crash

I did the 15:00 UK time event. Did anyone else experience Zwift crashing rather than going to the end then save screen?

It took me 8 attempts to get back in and save but in doing so created 8 rides saved on Zwift. The correct one shows I cycled alone, not part of Stage 2 and some of the data is missing. Why can this happen?

Hi @Nicola_James
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. I looked at your session logs on the server end, and see those 8 logins you made from an AppleTV 4k (2nd gen).

Normally, what’s supposed to happen is you log in, do the ride, then log out. Those events are recorded on our server. In your case, I’m seeing 8 log ins with no corresponding log outs, so I assume this showed up on your end as an app crash.

Apple locks down the tVOS operating system in a way that makes it impossible for you to send us the crash log file that’s on your AppleTV, and this in turn makes it difficult for us to see at what point the game crashed, and extrapolate reasons why.

But here’s a guess: you might have crashed yesterday because of this known issue that we’re working on. Please monitor that thread for progress on the fix.

Thanks for the response. I had just completed the TOW Stage 2 - B Category Triple Flat Routes. I had cycled pass the finish line for a few more km’s. When I pressed button to go to the end ride page, I was kicked out of Zwift and returned to the log in screen. The multiple logins was me trying to return to the event as it said I was still in the event. Finally it allowed me to return to the exit screen, instead of being kicked out, so that I could exit the event properly & save it.

Checking the data afterwards, ZwiftPower showed me taking part in the event with all the data however companion app showed me cycling round Watopia. Didnt mentioned the event, i manually input that, and didnt acknowledge I had set a PR at the sprint.

Its sad that we cant access Apple TV crash log files especially when Apple TV seems to be a popular ‘cheap’ way of accessing Zwift.