Tour de Zwift 2020 - What happened to the "shiny" reward?

During the initial announcement of Tour de Zwift, some of you may have caught hints we made alluding to a “shiny” reward for completion of all 7 stages of the Tour. Instead, completing the tour simply unlocked the jersey that participants adorned during each stage.

Let’s face it - we let you down. We came into Tour de Zwift with the intention of delivering a special reward - something that would leave the community awestruck. After all, the Tour de Zwift is our biggest event of the year! We imagined a cool concept for some glowing goods, but when we finished developing it - well let’s say the concept fell far short of our expectations.

In all of our excitement, we regret that we got a little ahead of ourselves with our communications and announced it to everyone before we knew we could deliver. We understand your frustration and feelings of being let down. We messed up, over promised, under delivered and we’re sorry.

The Tour of Watopia is right around the corner and we’re working hard to make it a rich and rewarding experience. We hope to see you there!

Stuff happens. Although disappointed, I expect most people can appreciate that sometimes things don’t go to plan.

If nothing else, it got me to complete the whole Tour de Zwift for the first time! :smiley:


And you got a very homely jersey :slight_smile:

If it was a IRL jersey I could at least use it as a grease rag :slight_smile:

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There are plenty of jerseys I’ve got that I’ll never wear again. I’ve got some that I’ve never worn once. Jerseys aren’t a very interesting reward to me in general, even if they’re awesome. I’ve got my team jersey, and it’s more or less the only one I wear.

The one thing that would cause me to wear them would be a “random jersey” setting, where I can favourite 5, 10, 30 or my jerseys, and the game selects one each time I start riding.


Oh, you mean like if the garage was a garage and not the entire store? Yeah, that’d be cool.

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I finshed all Stages and I won’t get anything, even virtual jersey kit, not?

What does it look like? I didn’t see that I unlocked anything and am trying to figure out what’s going on.


…soooo, was it a “Save without exit “shiny” thing” or “Enforced automated “shiny” category” thing?.. )))
(…sorry, just a low level wattage humour…)

Thank you for the honesty! That’s cool, hopefully those “shiny” things would be ready for the next event!

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There’s a jersey.

You get it the next time you start Zwift.

I am fairly new to Zwift, rode all the stages and thought i had missed something, did you need to register to receive the Jersey? or will it just be in the garage.

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Maybe not for everyone. I completed all seven stages and did not receive a jersey next time I started Zwift.


This is a brilliant message. As a long time user of Zwift I’ve always felt that there is a lack of interaction between zwift and it’s users. So you over promised and under delivered…shucks we all do this. But it’s really appreciated that you’ve come out and told us this.There is absolutely nothing wrong with not getting an update out on time. What does annoy people is radio silence. So i hope this level of interaction continues, it is really appreciated.


Jersey is great. With my skin tone it makes me look like I’m going sleeveless. Makes me look tough and aggressive…which I’m not.


A small point but it wasn’t a subtle hint…this line is live today on the faq.

What do I get for completing all stages?
We won’t spoil the surprise, but it’s nice and shiny. Finish the tour and see for yourself!

■■■■ happens but it wasn’t just the initial Comms.

Didn’t change how much I loved the races (my first on zwift) but I was a little disappointed. Got my jersey though.

Yeh just checked myself and no jersey to be seen, despite having received an email congratulating me on completion of the tour.

If you look at your companion app it will highlight the stages you have credit for. Are all seven stages highlighted?

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No worries Zwift staff. Just finished the tour this week and was wondering why I only received the tour jersey. Glad you posted this and kudos for your response. Zwift is great and your all doing an amazing job making the indoor training experience better.

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I’m fairly new to Zwift. For me it’s all about the bling. I finished the 7 stages. So disappointed there was no bling in the end.

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No problem whatsoever, Scott. Shiny ■■■■ happens, hehehe. The racing WAS the reward :purple_heart: More sweaty than shiny but I am not complaining :sweat_smile: