No reward

End 7 stages in the tour de Zwift but didn’t get any reward?
What went wrong?

@lambert_valentijn if you signed up and rode all 7 stages (or ran all 7 stages) then the next time you log in and spawn in world a banner will pop up awarding you the kit.

Dear Daniel
I did ride my last stage on Wednesday.

After that I already did ride. Nothing pop up.

My friend who rode his last stage on Friday received his award already. I’ve got nothing and see nothing.

I’am disappointed I think you have to check my account and do something to fix this mistake


@lambert_valentijn I do not work for Zwift. The majority of us on the forums are just users trying to assist others.

Did you sign up for the tour before riding the stages? Not just completing the individual stages?

When you log in to the companion app do you see color bars on all the stages like my screen shot below?

Or in zwift you should see thumbs up for every stage:


This may not be the case, but it could be the reward will come after the makeup dates are done. Has anyone else received the reward yet? I still have two stages to make up due to getting the dreadful flu during Watopia and Bologna. :mask::tired_face:

@Sean_Amann yes I’ve received my kit for both the ride and run portion of the tour.

Looking forward to getting mine. Got some work to do first though.

Hallo Daniel
Zwift sorted out the problem.

It’s allright now

Thanks anyway


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