Tour de Zwift 2023

Did I miss something? I completed the Tour de Zwift (all the stages) and completely disappointed that nothing happened.

I was hoping for at least a congratulations you finished the tour or a virtual metal. Did I miss something, is there supposed to be something like that- some sort of virtual celebration and I missed it?

a virtual metal or something to acknowledge I did it? Or even my stats from the rides. Like you rode this many miles in so much time and gained this much elevation? I’m hoping I just missed it and it’s there somewhere.
If not- that’s a HUGE let down!!! The only reason I completed the tour was to see what would happen or what virtual things I was going to get. Kind of like in a video game when you complete all the levels there is some type of celebration or award. I hope I’m wrong and just didn’t see it, if not that’s a Huge bummer.

Welcome to the forum.

On your last ride you received a notification that you had unlocked the Tour de Zwift 2023 ride kit, which you will find in your garage.

Sometimes (but I’m not sure for every event ) you might receive an email congratulating you on completing the tour.

Edit: you should also find the tour de Zwift mission badge at the very bottom of your badges. (Example below)