Tour de Zwift 2020 Cycling FAQ

Contact Sticky on the ZP Forum here. He’ll sort it for you. ZP would DQ you from a C race with those stats anyway I would have thought!

This might be a stupid ? but how does one start the stages in Tour de Zwift ?

I have joined the tour but and was ready today at 13:00. The PC app and Companion showed that i was joined but nothing happended on the PC App or Companion (Android).
So my ? is how does one start the stages on the tour ?

Hi Jan, you have to start a custom ride and in this ride you will be ask to join the booked event (it means changing to the event location etc). It’s not really easy to understand how to join in correct way to an event and I needed also more than one try to understand it.


My country is set to the US and yet the distances on the sign-up screen are in metric.

Hi, is it still possible to register for tour de zwift? This link does not seem to work.
Thanks Merijn

That is an option in your Zwift profile. You can choose either metric or imperial measurements no matter what country you live in.

I posted these links in a different post, Merijn -have a look below:

Thanks Paul. So by joining an event the registration is completed as well.

Hi Paul,

Will do, I hope it auto DQs, not fair and quite frankly hate the internet justice squad commenting about how horrible of a person I am for doing 4wkg (.5 wkg above cat limit) in an internet race.


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How do people feel about this

Nice that there are Women Only events. How about getting some Seniors Only events, like riders 70 and older?


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I think this years tdz is pretty boring compared to last year. Each stage having a different twist like Tron bikes, extra xp, less drag to replicate the fast velodrome made it all a big novelty and made me want to complete stages.

Today I did stage 1 and it was no different than any other group ride.

I guess the novelty this year is having the pro race broadcast each stage.


Can we have events start before work time 9am or during lunch 12 - 2?


I completed the stage 1 A group. As soon as I crossed the finish line the app froze. I was riding with my girlfriend. She crossed ahead of me ( as usual). She got credit. I did not. Companion shows I rode 42.9 km on London course. How do I fix this and get credit for Stage 1. I have screen shots to prove I was there

Can we have stages starting at 8am, 12 (lunch time) and. 1 pm gmt?

Then i can ride before work or at lunch time.

Yes please add some more firendly UK timings.
There are no lunchtime rides 12pm, 1pm UK time.

Why cant they be every 30mins like they are at 5pm, 5:30pm etc?

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I’m planning on completing all stages as group rides.

Will it make a difference if i ride every stage in group “B” as opposed to Group “A”?.. aside from the difference in distance covered?

Please add more event times. The two hour gaps are a problem with tight morning schedules.

5am Eastern is missing :wink:

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No. You get the jersey as long as you do every stage regardless of which group you ride in. You can do group B for all stages, a mix of group A and B, or al group A (and the ladies can mix in any combination of group C).