Tour De Zwift race stage varieties

Please Please Please can one of the race stages be a time trial? This format gives valuable variety in racing and I think at least one of the stages (probably bologna) should be a TT.

While we are in the topic of there is a time trial can the results be aggregated across the whole stage irrespective of the time of event? I don’t want to have multiple mini leaderboards but a single grand leaderboard. Imagine how awesome it be to have each category with 1000+ places most likely separated by 001’s of a second per place.

What would be different to looking at the results we currently have? Is it you want to ride without drafting?

Yes. But more than that. I believe an event like this should be multi discipline not one dimensional short sprint races.

The zwiftpower league is awesome but flawed. I can race one time in a field of 250+ at others <100. The points system is based on finishing position IN THAT SPECIFIC race so you can very advantage of disadvantage just by which time you ride.

If Zwift / zwiftpower managed even one TH with aggregated leaderboard it wouldn’t matter what time you ride or who you ride with its just you v the clock.

Come on Zwift / zwiftpower make it happen!!!

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Thanks understand your point now.

Do you agree?

Stage 4 is Bologna!

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Partially agree with you. It makes sense that the result should be a based on all the riders over all the repeated stages. I don’t see what the advantage would be of the time trial unless the groups where small but TdZ seems to get thousands so I was never alone.

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I know WHERE it is! I’m discussing format not location. My guess at the moment is that it will be a simple 1 lap sprint race. Which if the case will be a big opportunity missed.

Some early fields were huge yes but look at today tomorrow same cats with less than 20… Also size is one thing quality another. TT is purest form of racing!

So @zwift any news on this one. It would be amazing if you make it happen

Hey guys, I am looking at stage 4 Bologna and I don’t understand one thing. Is the race a TT or a standard mass race? Thanks!

Standard race on a TT course I think.

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