Tour De Zwift not working

Hi eveyone
can anyone tell me how to sign up for this, i’ve used the link but will not load the link i’ve used is below

this link will not work ???

any help please


Hi Mike,

Try this if you dont have the companion app

Or for all events for Stages 1 and 2 Zwift Hacks has them here - click on the ones you want and then click button to sign up

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You can also just find the time you want, log in a little early, and select it from the events list on the right of the route selection screen just before the ride.

I just tried joining one only about 1 minute before it started, and didn’t get any acknowledgement, and it didn’t work. I registered for the next group 30 minutes ahead of time, and got an acknowledgement (Asked me if I wanted a reminder 15 mins or 30mins early, etc.) I still don’t know what the minimum time is, but maybe it’s more than 1 minutes. :slight_smile:

Well, that didn’t work for me either. I got on the bike a couple minutes before the event, but it didn’t have me in the Tour de Zwift. (I registered through the Companion app.) On the TV screen, I noticed a menu at the upper right showing upcoming events. I clicked on the Tour de Zwift that I was registered for, and it almost worked. But I was a minute too late. I was at the TdZ start line, and it said “waiting for users to join” but it never worked. If joining a minute late and trying to catch the crowd really isn’t possible, then it shouldn’t let us join and instead should give a popup message recommending to join a later session.
Maybe we can register through the companion app, but maybe that’s not enough and you have to get on a few minutes early, start any random ride, then mouse over to the upper right to select the even onscreen and then maybe that’ll work. I’ll try that for the next one (in 42 minutes). This is getting frustrating. Need some better pop-up instructions.

Hi John.

If you register on the companion app do it before opening Zwift or while riding, not while on the start menu.

Log in about 10min before the ride pick any route and world. Ride for a bit you will see a notice bottom left “join ride” click on that and you will go to the start pen wait for the count down.

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See this aswell.