TDZ Stage 6 winner miscalibrated trainer

Can Guillaume Lemaitre please be removed as the winner of TDZ Stage 6 on Monday 8th at 18:00?
He has a miscalibrated trainer, as you can see his 5 min power is fairly incredible.
He admitted this to me in his Strava comments and asked how he could be removed from the leaderboard.


There was no Monday 8th. Do you mean the 1st?
Also, aren’t the TDZ event just group rides, not races. Does it matter where you placed?


You will need to make a request via:

I made a request about my results in two races and nobody answer. They sent me an automatic answer. I wish we had the zwiftpower forum back.


Thanks Dean, will use the form

As Dean said - TdZ are group rides, not races!
There are thousands of users with miscalibrated trainers, spin bikes without powermeter, etc.
If they don’t race, is it OK.