URGENT: Incorrect trainer power output


I experienced a trainer malfunction during my last race see ZwiftPower “Crit City Race (2/14/21)” showing unrealistic wattage numbers.

Is it possible to delete my result in Zwiftpower?

It’s kind of urgent, since this incorrect results makes me change of categorie, and eventually put me out of a team.

Zwift ID: 1328109

Thanks !!

Hi @Geoffrey_Rodriguez_T, welcome to the forums.

You will need to provide that information to zwiftpower@zwift.com and include links to the race and your zwiftpower profile.

Good luck!


What trainer?

I did.
Unfortunately no answers since Sunday evening. I’m stating to get worried for Thursday TTT races

I think they are pretty bogged down with all these requests, so it is likely going to take a while.

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Maybe they won’t remove it?

I read about that. The problem is results are still counting for my categorization…

Kinetic Rock’n’roll. It’s a known issue, I read a topic here about that

That post is slightly misleading about supposedly not removing bad trainer results. See the post a bit further on in that same thread:

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Yeah, I just discovered this clarification.
But on my profile, this last race is strangely taken into account in my category calculation…

Is that normal?

Zwiftpower takes your best three 20 minute power figures from the last 90 days, for calculating your category.

Yes I know.

My question is: based on previous replies, i supposed ZP shouldn’t use a race tagged as « WKG »?

Why not, it is still the power you generated so you are able to reach that power.

Unfortunately in my case, it was not. It was due to a malfunction of the trainer power output.
Moreover, it’s clear this race summary power is way higher than I can normally sustain…

I guess the support ZP will finally tagged my race as « Error » as they did few month ago when it already happened. The only thing that worry me, is my capability to be a Cat C rider for TTT race next Thursday.

So PLEEEEAAAAASE admin, do something :crossed_fingers::pray::pray::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Yes that is a different issue. But not all WKG tags is because of trainer issues, so they can’t have a blanket rule that all WKG should not count.

Of course, 100% understandable. That’s why is a case by case issue treatment, leading to a high number of backlog demands to be treated. Might be a huge work !!

Is there any chance for me to have my ZP profile corrected during the day in order to be able to race tonight with my WTRL Team as a Cat. C rider??

Thanks a lot for your dedication.


Your shorter Crit City Race was 20 watts more than your performance over the much longer TTT race a few weeks ago which is to be expected… I don’t think it’s your trainer, I think your getting stronger.

Congratulations on the upgrade, and may your strength gains continue.


If you just look at these number, you may be right.
But if you look closer, (and also considering I noticed it during the race), my average HR is way below usual for these kind of power number.

I’m getting stronger, eveyweek, yes, but specially this Crit Race, I had a trainer issue.
I know exactly how and when it happened (quick change of climb % associated to a change of bike gear and also a push from me: stupid from me, but this is what happened)