Deleting Unwanted ZwiftPower Results - A Primer

ZwiftPower is a site that was created - at least in part - to provide Zwifters with transparency around their Zwift race performances.

Something common we see with ZwiftPower are various requests to delete a result or two, particularly if they’re not indicative of overall performance when compared to the rest of the results on a profile.

It is not uncommon - especially if you’re newer to ZwiftPower - to have a few results that don’t match the rest of your results. As you complete more events and accumulate more race data, your results will become more accurate and these outlier results will become fewer.

Because of these reasons, we are not able to delete races that have been tagged with WKG, 20MIN, ERROR, or a similar code.

What will we remove?

  • Tagged results (WKG, ERROR, 20MIN, etc.) which were were incorrectly applied. Note: this is not a guarantee, and we will only revert those tags if, after review, we feel confident the tag was incorrectly applied.

What won’t we remove?

  • Results that have been correctly tagged (WKG, ERROR, 20MIN, etc.) due to a mis-calibrated trainer, accidental incorrect data entry, or something similar.

Questions about what the tags on your results mean? Please check out our ZwiftPower FAQ on our support site.

If you feel that someone’s performance is suspicious, or you need to appeal your own account suspension, check out our forum post on how to do that.

Still have a question about ZwiftPower? Email us at!

Ride On.

I did the TDZ Longer Ride on 1/25, and somehow there was a glitch that made my power jump to 2000 watts while I was climbing the volcano. I will never hit 2000 watts. I would like to have that ride removed or corrected as it throws my totals off greatly. What can be done? I have sent messages to the zwift support already with no results. Thank you.


If you’ve sent us some messages explaining the situation, that’s the best thing. We’re doing our best to help everyone right now, and we’ll get to it, we promise! Thanks for your honesty, and sorry for the delay on our end.

I have a question about a situation on one ride. My HR strap died while (well from the value coming, likely before) we were warming up and I removed it when we started. It was not a race. But now that ride is marked in red with the lowest HR Max, which was 70… which is a bit ridiculous.

Does this affect anything or not? If it does affect anything, is there a way I can tag it to be deleted through the above process or can I not add tags myself?

Hi there,

I did my first Zwift race last night (04/02/2021) but my power data is incorrect due to my turbo not being calibrated properly. Please can this be deleted from my Zwift power page. I have sent this in an email to Zwift support but haven’t heard anything back?

Thanks you.

Hello - I also have a race that has messed up my starts and category. Could it please be removed from my account?

12/15/20 Velocious Sport Tue Night Criterium (Race)

Many thanks

Hey everyone,

For a bit of clarification here and to simplify this thread a little more, here are the main points to answer your questions:

  • We do not fully delete a result from your profile if it is tagged with something like HR, UPG, WKG, 20MIN, etc. Those tags make that power data invalid and it will not count toward your profile.
  • If you would like data from a ride or rides removed because it is inaccurate (trainer was mis-calibrated, heart rate strap died, entered the incorrect weight, etc.), please write to us at with a link to the ride or rides, and explain the situation to us. We’ll gladly get you sorted out.

I understand that some of you have written into us recently, and aren’t hearing back. The response time is not immediate, but it also should not take longer than ~7 business days.

As more attention is being drawn to using ZwiftPower because of things like Zwift Racing League, we’re seeing a lot more emails asking for help with the site.

We want to make sure everyone is helped out fully, and that takes a little time.

Thanks for your understanding!

My teammate has recalibrated his power meter after Zwift Power placed him in Category A, he is a Category C rider and this has made him not allowed to register for our Category B team in the Zwift Racing League his ID is 2964298 his weight was also corrected on 2/6/21. His data from 12/19/21 moving forward needs to be removed.

Please help ASAP our race is tomorrow and we need him to not get DQ’ed again.

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hi @Derrick_Moy

Please send a E-mail to

When you do, come armed with some information so that we can help you more quickly and easily:

  • A link to your ZwiftPower profile
  • Your ZwiftPower username
  • Your Zwift ID

If you aren’t sure how to locate your Zwift ID, check out this article for steps.

Do not post that information here. Please. Send it in the email.

Hello zwift crew,

I was flagged and my results suspended (ZRDQ) without an email, the benefit of the doubt, a simple note or any information or data request …just suspended without notice.

The very same day i knew in my zp profile i was suspended, submited an appeal…no answer until now. Then sended several emails trying to solve the suspension, with data , strava links, photos, outdoor rides, outdoor race results, fit files etc…no answer at all!!!

I just wish you were as quick to evaluate your users’ appeal as you are to suspend them and without any warning or even benefit from the doubt

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For transparency here, I’d like to provide some context and a brief explanation:

Right now, we are working slowly but surely through our backlog of rider reports and appeals. The reason we’re going slowly is because it’s currently just me looking at them, and each case needs to be weighed carefully - whether it’s “legit” or not. We’re also working on making and refining a process to make sure that if you’re suspended for any reason, it’s clear to you why and what the next steps are.

Right now, it’s definitely less than ideal and points like yours are the feedback we need.

Your account in particular had a report made against it almost 3 weeks ago, and it’s merely coincidence that your suspension arrives in what appears to be a sudden manner for you.

Personally, I’m not out to ban people and usually I give them the benefit of the doubt. While I’m sure you’re not cheating deliberately, the pieces that you say you provided - which I see in our inbox at this moment - are exactly the things we need to look at, weigh, and enable us to say “yes, okay, that’s legit.”

The other side of it is that if we have reports made against a profile - no matter how many times - we have riders that say we aren’t taking it seriously to keep ZwiftPower clean and legit. You can see that we’re in a bind here: if I suspend you I’m the bad guy, and if I don’t then I’m also the bad guy.

I’ll look into your case personally within 24-48 hours, and we’ll continue communication via email.

For everyone else reading this:

  • If you’re suspended, you can always appeal that. Please email us at with pieces that support your legitimacy.

  • If you’re reporting someone, please have some patience. We want this process to be equitable, fair, and clear, and we’re working out what that means for us long term.

Remember: we want people to race fairly, have fun, and get fitter. We’re taking your reports seriously and we don’t suspend riders right off the bat or on a whim.

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@xflintx thx for replying. Let me just be clear, I have nothing against the verifications and analysis to prevent cheating, in fact my opinion is that its crucial that we all can trust the race results in zwift. As you can easily imagine with more than 250 races done in the platform I’ve been beaten inumerous times by suspicious athletes. So, nothing against transparency checks, quite the contrary.
My point here is that once you have a flagged profile or any doubts you should contact the user with the claims against him and asking him all the info you need to a analyse and take a decision instead of ban or suspend on the first hand and them simply wait him to appeal. That’s what’s benefit of the doubt is all about and what’s your users and zwift subscribers expect and deserve at least. This procedure as nothing to do with your final decision, and the ultimate transparency goal. It’s about respect for the users.

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your power numbers are so high (without any dual power validation) that the ZADA must investigate your performance because You are “suspicios” (no dual measurement, no real outside power data, nothing, so it is the reason). Probably You have a garbage inaccurate trainer as 80% of Zwift users have, must be calibrated properly or if it still will show too high unrealistic power, must buy a new one and a bike powermeter and using dual recording all the times. If somebody so strong in real, it couldnt be a problem showing his strength transparently. If You will pass the verification process, your suspended results will be renewed.

@Andras_Lukoviczki_93 ,

Like i said in the previous post i have no problem with ZADA investigation. They already have all the data and info they need to check whether your arguments are well founded or not. But if your right and 80% of Zwift users have inaccurate trainers…ZADA will have to ban 80% of zp users with that argument, wich means zwift race results have no credit at all, tacx, wahoo, elite and all trainer brands are just crooks who advertise their trainers as reliable, which is false after all. If thats what we face here, and your assumptions are right, zwift races are just a joke… soon enought the plataform as no credit at all and if thats the case i´m the one whos closing zp account lool. This being said, lest just Zada do their job and we go from there.

Ride on :wink:

From the 80% just a small group is so strong that their power level is above or same as a domestic pro’s power level with the “extra boost” and getting “suspicius”. If You are such a domestic (retired) pro, i suppose You have bike powermeter as i wrote, You provide that data and your trainer’s data for every events and problem is solved. Lots of riders are doing it in advance and they dont get suspend… (or very rarely). Yes , the low-level racing in Zwift is useless (the premier league is much better), no mandatory dual record rule for top 10, and yes, tons of trainers are garbage, only a few models are trustfully but even in 1300eur range there are problematic models. Yes, i can understand your statement, You should get an email (maybe You got it just it is in your spam folder) immediately when You got the suspend, if not, that is a bit problematic but i think not the end of the world, a few days suspension wont kill You…

Btw what kind of trainer do You have? :slightly_smiling_face:

Its in my zp profile since ever…Wahoo Kicker

There are 5 versions from Kickr, the v1 is an “accuracy nightmare”, the newer a bit better (but i dont like them :smile:) but far from perfect. The regular (weekly) spindown calibration is a key for “accurate” (or near accurate) measuring (except the v1, that remains inaccurate with huge temp drift :slight_smile: only works good with a bike power meter control) but sometimes a factory spindown calibration is needed (which is a hidden feature in the Wahoo app)

Can you please remove my result from the Chasing Cancellara Time Trial on Feb 13, 2021? Thank you.


As with Gerries post above,

Please send a E-mail to

When you do, come armed with some information so that we can help you more quickly and easily:

  • A link to your ZwiftPower profile
  • Your ZwiftPower username
  • Your Zwift ID

​If you aren’t sure how to locate your Zwift ID, check out this article for steps.

Do not post that information here. Please. Send it in the email.

I’d also suggest you put a reason for the request.

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