Removing a race with wrong wkg due to race bug

Hi there,

I would like to get a result removed from zwift power. It was a race where there were no riders listed near by even though I could see them near me on the road (i.e. no indication of place in the field, only a few riders listed near me even though I was in a group of about 20)… as a result, there was no draft and I ended up with an abnormally high wkg as I killed myself just trying to stay with the group. If you look at my normal results the wkg is about 0.5 wkg higher than my best races within a couple months of that race. Here is a screen shot of the race in question as well as the results. Please let me know if I need to submit any additional information. Thanks so much!

Billy Willson

So let me understand, you had a good race and now want your data removed?

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By your description, your effort was representative of what your capable of doing.
The result was not a bug.
You did a TT effort and you are stronger than your usual efforts.