Deleting a race from zwiftpower?

Good morning, On my first race I entered the wrong category and have a WKG - is it possible to delete this race from my profile? This was my first time ever racing in zwift and didn’t understand all of the technical aspect of it.

I appreciate all of your help and advice as I’m still trying to learn all of the ins and out of zwift, zwiftpower and racing.

Thank you in advance for your help.

With Warm Wishes,

Good morning, Arelis. Please check

for information on this issue. Have fun racing!

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That’s disappointing - as you can see, I changed the category immediately after that ride - not because zwift notified me, but a friend explained to me that I would get disqualified “if I rode on category D”.

This is my first try and seems a bit harsh to be penalised

Also I did another race last night - which was only 33km I started and finished the race immediately from start to finish - and I was calculated 34.78km - again disappointed about this as I worked so hard and ended up getting some Zwift errors as well - which is the last thing you want when you are racing for a team :frowning: