Delete my race please

Hi… Can you please delete one of my race event in zwift power.
I was letting one of my family member to use my zwift account, after he finished it, I didnt save the activity, but it come out to my zwift power.
What should i do in order for this to be fix?
I cannot provide my zwiftpower account link as well in the forums.

Please do let me know what else should i provide in order to get this activity delete. Thanks.

Event results on ZwiftPower are recorded live so if you cross the finish line without any issues then the results will show up on your profile regardless of whether you save or discard the activity. We can’t delete a result from your profile but we can sometimes apply a custom DQ tag so it won’t affect your minimum category. If you want us to take a look, just email with a description of what happened and a link to the specific event

Noted. Will try to ask to put DQ. thanks.