How to delete activity in zwiftpower?

My hrm was an error. And people complained about it. I don’t mind to permanently delete the race from zwiftpower. The problem I cannot. Don’t know how to. Anybody can help me to delete it.

The only way is to email them and ask them to remove it.

West was the issue with your heart rate?
Did you win the event?

Can you post a link to the event?

https: //zwiftpower. com /events .php?zid=3894772

I add more space to the link.

Yup. I was lucky to win that race.

For me just an inconvenience error. But for others, it’s unacceptable. So, I will email zwift to delete it.

You can email and ask them to either delete the activity or disqualify you from the results.

I’ve looked at it. Although you have no heart rate data i see nothing that should lead to others calling you out.

Your performance is on par with your other activities and it’s not like you’ve won the race having never won any other race before.

Personally i wouldn’t worry about it. It’s probably that the others in the race think you were cheating when you weren’t.

Might be more related to an apparent spin bike rider with elite level performance in A category. The equipment is presumed to be inaccurate. Weird HR values adds to the suspicion.

Okay. Thanks bro.