Race data on Zwift power

How do you delete previous races on Zwift power? As I’ve been using a non smart trainer for these which have messed up data for when I started using a smart trainer??

Hi @Paul_Boreham_TTR

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You will have to go to the Zwift power forum and as them to delete your data. Zwift Power is a 3rd party app.

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Hi Paul

I’ve successfully requested deletions here… https://zwiftpower.com/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=4406


Dear Gerrie

I have some erroneous race data from 30/04/20 that I would like to delete. I was having an issue with some new power pedals (dodgy battery connection) and a non-smart trainer at the time so my watts are all over the place. How do I go about deleting the race data? I’ve had a good look through these forums but I am no wiser on how to do it!

I now have a smart trainer and it’s calibrated without any issues.


You’ll need to email zwiftpower@zwift.com with a link to your Zwiftpower profile.

Thank you! Probably a really stupid question but how do I send them a link to my Zwift Power profile?

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Go to zwiftpower.com and login to your account, and send them a link to the page that it sends you to, which is your profile listing your races and their data.

Explain what happened and when.

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Perfect - thank you!

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