ZwiftPower - Delete Old Race Results After Upgrading To Smart Trainer


Is it possible to get my first two races deleted from my ZwiftPower results, from using a ‘dumb’ trainer?

I have since upgraded to a Wahoo Kickr and it has become evident my old trainer wasn’t calibrated very well at all - I’m new to cycling so had no idea what results to expect!

I actually waited until after installing my new trainer, before signing up to ZwiftPower as I thought it wouldn’t gather any of this historical data whilst I was ‘testing the waters’.

Unfortunately, these two races are skewing my data (one in particular) and making me appear in a higher category than I think I should be at the moment - I upgraded to my new trainer on the 7th January. I’d like to enter some more races, but feel like I would be disqualified. I’ve never been close to competing and usually get dropped by the main peleton halfway through the race, so going up a category like ZwiftPower is suggesting will only make it worse?

1/6/21 [MIDWEEK Winter Series by SZR]
1/5/21 [SZR iTT Winter Racing League]

Thanks in advance for your help!

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It sure is!

What you’re asking for is a “trainer upgrade” and it does exactly what you’re after: takes your results from before you had your trainer - starting from the date of your choice - and moves them to a tab on your profile called “old results.”

Those results are not counted in your overall power metrics any longer.

Then, every race from after that date is used to recalculate your category and associated power numbers to more accurately place you.

Please send us an email at with the details you have in this thread and we’ll get you sorted out!

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Is there a way to delete individual races without throwing out ALL older results?
For example, a race where one realizes after the fact that there was a temporary miscalibration of the wheel-on trainer.
Races before and after may be consistent, but that one will skew results, possibly causing miscategorization.

In the old system, this was handled with a message to the admin.

It is the same way as it was, the only difference is the channel through which you request it. We can annul that single result for you.

Just write into us at!

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