Deleting Old/Bad ZP Results

I’ve never looked at Zwift Power before. But apparently, over time, I’ve added 37 results going back about 1.5 years.

About 4 months ago I realized my KICKR’s power was reporting numbers way too high. I went through the advanced calibration process which fixed it so that it now pretty much matches my IRL Garmin pedal power data. In fact, now I use my Garmin pedals on my bike while riding Zwift to make sure my indoor and outdoor rides are closer.

Is there any way to purge my data/results except for the last few months? Or, does Zwift Power ignore older data? Or am I forever categorized using the bad data?

Zwiftpower only looks at results from the last 90 days. So since it sounds like you sorted out our trainer before then, you should be fine and it won’t be using the bad results.


We’re not able to delete your old results, but as Steve mentions the only real pertinent data is from the last 90 days.

I sometimes like to have a look at my really old ones and chuckle :slight_smile:

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Thx Steve - yes I’m good to go since it only considers last 90 days.

Thx James! :slight_smile: That works.