Delete races from Zwiftpower profile


My name is Manuel León.
My Zwift ID is 1948757

I’ve send a email to

But, I want to know, how long will it take? Because I want to use my new direct drive trainer as soon as possible.

I joined Zwift some months ago. I had got an old magnetic trainer not listed, and used one of the list, with a speed and cadence sensors, but I was completly sure that the Watts that it gives to me wasn’t correct. But, to make some races was funny, and for me, this was the objetive, being training some days on the trainer, and make it funny.

But, I’m using Zwift more than I was expected to do it, so, I bought last week a smart direct drive trainer. I would like the data I obtain on this trainer to be as realistic as possible, as is intended with all Zwift and Zwiftpower users. But, to achieve that, i would need to delete all the data obtained with my old trainer.

So, I requested to delete all my activities on my Zwiftpower profile from the beginning until today. I’m gonna calibrate my new trainer on next days, and it would be perfect to create my profile little by little with real Watts data, and without the old (and fake) data.

I hope to get this as soon as possible, because I really want to use my new roller as a completly 100% legal user of Zwift, Zwiftpower, and enjoy the better experience that Zwift and Zwiftpower can give to all the users.

Does someone knows how long will it take??

Thank you!!

It takes between 7-10 days to get a response. Be prepared, Zwiftpower often says, “No.”
Try asking if a new profile is possible. I don’t think they will erase your past results.