Tacx Neo Smart 2 cadence fluctuating widly or showing no signal


(Vernon) #21

Yes, mine still works under the Tacx utility.

(C Gibbons) #22

Thanks for the reply ive tested and roadfeel works in the app and is turned on in Zwift but don’t work very frustrating £12.99 for Zwift a month that doesn’t work properly and £1199 for a smart trainer thats also hit and miss

(Daniel Strouven) #23

Tacx Utility upgrade to 2.0.13. Cadence(and everything else) working fine now.

(Ovidiu G) #24

2.0.13 is the version of the utility app, but which firmware version is working for you Daniel?

(Daniel Strouven) #25

Sorry, you’re right. On the Neo2 is it the latest version, I updated it 3 days ago. V.19 I think.

(Vernon) #26


A couple of things to try if you like. For me I follow a bit of a drawn out procedure. Each time I change firmware I close the app and unplug the mains for 30 seconds to a minute.

Using this method, you can do a firmware update, test, then back to a firmware downgrade, testing again.

I see that Daniel above has everything working on v 0.0.19. That didn’t wok for me so I’m on 0.0.15. Tried that with BTLE rather than Ant+ and the cadence graph looked the the edge of a saw blade.

I’ve gone back to my Garmin cadence for now and hope that the worlds MOST EXPENSIVE and quietest and coolest looking trainer can get their poop in a group really soon.

(C Gibbons) #27

Ive upgraded back to 0.0.18 for but have to use garmin cadence thanks

(Vernon) #28

And road feel now works??

(Christoph Emde) #29

How can I downgrade from 0.18 to 0.15 with TacxUtilityApp on iPhone?

(C Gibbons) #30

Yes alls good thanks

(C Gibbons) #31

If you get intouch with tacx they’ll send you a link to downgrade

(Chris Gagné) #32

For what it’s worth, this is happening to me on a Neo Smart 1 when the power is below 100 watts. No word back from Tacx yet.

(Marc-Antoine) #33

Same here, I have a macbook pro with my tacx neo smart 2. Version 18 and it still fluctuating while on zwift… Hope they will provide a fix sooner than later.

(Tim) #34

Brand new Neo 2. Upgraded out of the box to software version 0.18. Multiple dropout of cadence during a 40 minute ride this morning. Icon stopped pedaling. Very frustrating. This is my second Neo 2 after the first one melted down in 13 minutes and was replaced. I switched over from a Hammer thinking the quiet noise and the ‘road feel’ would be a worthy upgrade. Mmmmmmm… not yet.

(G odmother Fox-Neo2) #35

Do you use it with pc or android? I have my Neo2 connected to Appletv via BLE
and no problem with cadence at alĺ. Even checked Neo cadence output with extra cadence sensor connected to Garmin edge and both numbers wer the same

(Marc-Antoine) #36

I’m using it with a MacBookpro 2015 with ble

(Tim) #37

My is connected via an Ipad.

(Vernon) #38

I’ve received a response from Tacx to say that they are waiting for a couple of hardware returns to test as they are having issues replicating the issue.

You all probably are aware, but, just in case…

Bluetooth is a one to one or point to point protocol. (There are exceptions but for the sake of argument).
Ant+ is a one to many or broadcast protocol.

My daughter was having issues that her garmin head was connected to a Bluetooth cadence sensor at the same time her iPad was trying to receive the signal.

That being said, I’m still using firmware version 0.15. 0.18 and a test version 0.19 from Tacx both failed to give me any Ant+ or BTLE signal.

For the road feel first timers, it’s awesome!! Tons of fun for sure. The Neo has had issues with both the 1 and the 2. I’ve had/have both.

I have faith that Tacx will soon come out with a fix for the Neos and the Flux 2 which has the same issues.

But then again, I still beleive in Santa Clause too.

(Tim) #39

Tacx wrote me back this morning to tell me to update to version.19 via the tacx utility app. Great. Except for the fact the app only has version.18 available. Oh, and that the other people on this forum says that doesn’t work…

(Vernon) #40

You can try it but you’ll have to get a link from them directly. I could send you the one I have but it’s best to get v0.19 from them.

Let me know if you’d like to try. I’ll stick with v0.15 until their next test likely in 2 weeks.