Tacx Flux 2 to Zwift - Disconnecting/losing signal mid ride/race

zwiftalizer told me exactly nothing. I solved the problem by disabling BT and using ANT+ only.

Internal Bluetooth is not very good. I have said many times that ANT+ fe-c is much more reliable.

Glad you got it fixed

Thanks Gerrie and Jonathan. I might try the same approach.

I have found that my system works OK (ie ergo function seems OK and resistance doesn’t drop out if I use it inside the house rather than in the garage, despite the fact that the download speed, upload speed and ping are all well above the thresholds specified (ie repeated measurements - averages ping 18 ms, download 18 Mbps upload 10 Mbps). In the house I’m getting around 45 ms, 32 Mbps and 13 Mbps). Im using a booster in the garage, but performance seems fine and getting solid signals with all apps. Connection to the device is immediate - from in the house.

Any comments on bandwidth and speed as possible factors? Would it be worth going to ANT+ for the garage? As it stands, I can train in the garage using Sufferfest ergo mode and group rides where I don’t care about dropping out, but will need to bring the set-up inside for any races etc.

Any suggestions appreciated.


I too have this issue, first started when I was doing an FTP builder where the wattage changes significantly. I was really happy with Zwift until this happened. Now it drops out on almost every ride. I am going to try another app and if its ik then bye bye Zwift. Its neen going on a while and should have been fixed.

Very dissapointing.

What set up do you have?



I have apple macbookpro and use bluetooth connection. I connect the lap top to a tv via HDMI lead.

Thank you for responding.


I’ve not used any apple products for zwift but try and get you laptop as near your trainer as posible and see if that helps. Some find Ant+ to be a better connection (you’ll need an Ant+ dongle but they are relatively cheap on amazon) but i find bluetooth works well for me but when i use my laptop it has to be pretty close to my setup to pick up all the sensors.

I wouldn’t give up on zwift just yet!

Thanks Chris, i did move it closer with no luck, but might try the ant+ .

Thanks again.

Hi Chris,

Moved lap top next to trainer, still disconnected. I did notice that the neo’s housing got hot at the back where the fins are so i’m wondering if there is a cooling fan or thermostat that turns the fan on thats broken. I’ll try pointing an external fan at it to see if that helps. I’ve written to Tacx too to see if they know anything about the heat/fan.