Surrey Hills Route not accurate.... Why?

Hi all,

I just completed the Surrey Hills Route to claim my Zwift Badge.

The Zwift Surrey Hills Route, when one selects a route at start up, claims Surrey Hills is 40.8km with 890 climbing metres. See image 1. However, the actual distance is 43.9km with 985m of climbing.
See image 2.

Why such a difference?

Can you please fix this issue for others who might stop riding after 41km.

The same thing with “Sand and Sequoias” : 22.7 and no 20.2 km.

As per Zwift: Do not simply ride the distance stated for the route and assume you’re done. Nearly every route has a lead-in section which can be up to a few miles long, so if you don’t see the achievement pop up, keep riding!


Also, nearly every route ends at a banner of some sort. So if you haven’t crossed a start/finish or kom banner, keep riding!


The distance is the lap/loop distance not counting the initial lead-in. If you rode 43.9 to complete the first lap it means the lead-in distance was 3.1 km. If you did a second lap it would be 3.1 + 40.8 + 40.8.

This is the Surrey Hills ride I did yesterday. No badge. Even with the lead in section, this doesn’t make any sense.

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I agree.

It’s just crazy that the team at Zwift can’t ACCURATELY stipulate a route. Forget about the ‘lead-in’ just specify the ACTUAL length and altitude when one selects a course…

It is very annoying.


Loops for the routes all go from some sort of banner - in the case of Surrey Hills the loop is from the banner at the top of Fox Hill. This gives the following distances, if you want to get the route achievement (from my own ride through):

Total: 43.8km, 991m of climbing.
– Lead in: 4.6km, 150m of climbing.
– Loop: 39.2km, 841m of climbing.

While I understand that this causes some confusion when the banner is quite far from the starting point as on this route, the route-selection screen would also become a total mess, if it would have to list all of these data for each route, so it is a bit of a compromise to get as much data as possible without presenting the user with a wall of text for each route…

See the Zwift insider description


Also, did you select the correct route, you need to pic the route in the start menu, you cant do it as a free ride.

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Yes, I picked the Surrey Hills in the start menu. I never free ride. I went over Fox, Box and Leith hills twice. Both forwards and in reverse.

In the end, it’s not a big deal as the workout is the most important thing. Yet, I totally agree with Stephan though. It should be accurate (in most cases, it is).

Similar experience for me last night, no badge after this ride…

Yeah… all to common now. Come on Swift let’s see if you can fix this bug!

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Sounds like you did Fox, Keith, Box and Leith Hills. You need to go up Fox a second time to finish.
I only found this out by doing what you did, not getting the award but while continuing the ride I then checked the route on Zwift Insider to find out that I needed to do another Fox hill climb. Got the award at the top of Fox hill for the second time.
So, I don’t see a bug, just a really bad user experience. Having to go to a 3rd party site (Zwift Insider) to work out what is happening in Zwift is not good.

I expected a lead in but did not expect that a lead in would include a climb.
Just listing the start/finish point on the route selection would help.

In the meantime, just look at Zwift Insider. It’s basically the user manual for Zwift that Zwift forgot to write. Great site :slight_smile:


That’s what’s confusing. I had Zwift insider open during the ride (agreed, great resource) and was waiting for the route award to be granted at the top of Fox hill on the second ascent but that didn’t happen. Profile from Strava is below…

hello guys,

i had the same problem this morning. I tought when I climber second time on Fox hill, that the achievement will be unlocked. I also drive to the next hill, but nothing happened.
I agree, that it is important just to drive and train, but this badges are for aditional motivation, which i didnt get… does anyone know what was wrong?


Same here, I did it two days in a row and no achievement. More than a little irritating :angry:

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Same issue for me today.

Same here, did the distance and all five climbs. No achievement badge. And the whole map feels broken? Shrubbery, fences and part of surroundings all over? Has Box Hill become offset in some way??

Yes, all of you who have climbed the Fox hill twice should have gotten the badge. It worked in the past. I got it a few weeks ago. This is probably a bug introduced with the latest update.

Zwift support says:

Because many of the routes in Zwift include a lead-in, which isn’t part of the distance shown in Zwift, it’s sometimes hard to know when the route actually ends (though it does look like you completed it). We generally recommend continuing to ride until the achievement pops up on your screen. Additionally, I’m sorry for the trouble, but we don’t have a way to manually add badges to your account.

That being said, we’ve received a number of reports of badges not being awarded even when passing the intended ending of the route, which has been confirmed to be a bug.

I’ve checked with our team and they’re working on a fix. While there isn’t a work-around for this issue as of yet, the fix will come from our end and all you should have to do is keep your Zwift app up to date.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue improving Zwift. Please let us know if there’s anything else that you need assistance with; we’d all be more than happy to help!