Support for Garmin Index Smart Scale for Automatic Weight Syncing

Is it possible to add support for syncing weight from the Garmin Index Smart Scale like what is done for the Withings and Fitbit scales?

Connection with Garmin Connect is already there…

There are some old archived posts related to this already, but you couldn’t upvote those anymore:

Garmin Index Smart Scale

Automatic weight syncing?

I asked support the same, but their response was::

While currently we don’t offer connectivity with the Garmin Index scale, it could come in the future.

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Shameless plug, I recently added support for Garmin Index scales to my subscription app Smart Scale Sync (popular amongst TrainerRoad users:

It’s a bit of a workaround but you can use it to sync your weight to Fitbit, and then Zwift could connect to Fitbit, and then your daily garmin weigh-ins would make it to Zwift.

If enough people want it I would consider adding support for a direct Garmin to Zwift weight integration.


I’d like a Direct Garmin Index to Zwift / Trainer Ria’s integration!

Question, Any chance you could add support for PayPal subscription payments? I don’t like entering credit card details al over the place…


Ok cool!

Regarding paypal, I’m sorry but I don’t think I will. All of my businesses run through Stripe and there are a handful of integrations that make the financials simple for me. Of course if I get that feedback from a lot of people I’d reconsider. I think Stripe makes it somewhat easy to accept Apple Pay so there’s a chance I add that over the next 6 months. If you are unfamiliar with Stripe it’s a big payments processing startup with reputable security, when you enter your card information into their widget it goes straight to them and never hits my server.

If you try it and the Garmin -> Fitbit -> Zwift doesn’t work, I’m happy to issue a refund, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee.

Aha! Apple Pay also sounds appealing :wink:

I’ll give it a shot and see how it goes!

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Cool, thanks for sharing. I’d definitely be interested in direct Garmin to Zwift integration.

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I tested Garmin -> Fitbit -> Zwift and it works. You just need to make sure when you connect Fitbit from within Zwift that you give Zwift all the permissions it asks for. At first I only gave it access to weight and things didn’t work.

cc @Darryn_Storm

Some might find this better than a direct link, because to do it directly I would have to collect peoples Zwift credentials (since there is no Zwift API). It’s usually preferable from a security perspective to connect things via API vs handing over your email and passwords.

I can confirm that it’s works! All of my vacation weight is now in Zwift :crazy_face:

Using the same method, it now also sync’s to “Today’s Plan” (Garmin -> Fitbit -> Today’s Plan).

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haha awesome, glad to hear it!

Any progress with Garmin Scales talking to Zwift?

does Garmin -> Fitbit -> Zwift still work for you guys? My weight is sychrnoized to fitbit from garmin but does not go to zwift. tried disconnecting and connecting accounts