Garmin Index Smart Scale

(Ty Cashen) #1

Is it possible to add support for syncing weight from the Garmin Index Smart Scale like what is done for the Withings and Fitbit scales? Obviously, syncing with Garmin Connect is already an option, so I would think most the work is done!

(David Presland) #2

Yes following this, not understanding why they would not link Garmin Smart Scale to Zwift


(Gary Nolan) #3

Yes!! Kindly add this option, please!!


(Brian Beaudoin) #4

Agreed, as a Garmin Smart Scale user I would like to see Zwift use this integration to keep my weight in-sync after my weekly weigh-ins.

(Kevin West) #5

me too… the data from my garmin smart scale is shared with the under armour “myfitnesspal” app so I think it should be possible?

Pulling weight from my fitness pal would probably be useful for some people too.