Syncing your weight to Zwift


I am trying to get my weight to sync across to Zwift but it doesn’t seem to work

My set up is as follows:

Renpho Smart Scales --> Fitbit account --> Zwift

I have connected my zwift account to my Fitbit account in the connection menu.

My weight syncs across to Fitbit automatically but doesn’t make the jump to Zwift. Am I doing something wrong? My weight will sync to GoogleFit and garmin Connect without issue but not to Zwift for some reason

May I ask… what is the basis for your (as well as mine…) expectation Zwift will sync weight?

On the connections page. Fitbit is one of the options and mentions weight would be synced if connected

There is currently a bug that affect weight syncing. see Fitbit Aria 2 weight Scale and Withings scale not syncing

Thanks for the info.

Out of interest, when working, does it actually need to be the official Fitbit smart scales or should it sync my weight from my Fitbit account added via third party scales?


Any info on syncing Garmin Index “Smart Scale”?


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It doesn’t matter how you register the weight (Aria, fitness syncer, manually…) it will sync with connected services… except Zwift.

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Hi Mike, I’ve just bought some Renpho scales, did you ever get this to work?

Nope, no joy