Syncing My Weight with Third-Party Applications

Zwift used to automatically synchronize my weight with my Withings account. At least I think that’s how it was doing it. Perhaps it was importing my weight from my TrainingPeaks account. Regardless, Zwift no longer automatically synchronizes my weight. Has that feature been discontinued?

There is another thread on the site about this. Search for ‘Withings’ and you will likely find it.

there is a long post here about it basically withings stopped working 2+ years ago when zwift did an update to introduce children’s weights i think.

All this time the option was left on the connections page though but they have announced they are removing the option to connect Withings partner connection update [September 2022]

There is a hack to sync withings → fitbit → zwift which i believe still works.

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I bought a Withings scale simply because the Zwift Companion app would connect to it! Wth

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See the post above how to get it to work. I have used the Withings scale for the last 6+years.

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