Zwift now connect to Withings (Nokia Health Mate)

I just saw that we can now link our Withings account to Zwift to auto update our weight.

Thanks Zwift. “This should be headline news”

“This should be headline news”

This should have been made page on BBC news website. Been wanting this for ages. 

Thanks for the heads-up.

I enabled this link however it does not seem to update my weight on Zwift ???


Hi, there is a known issue with it not working correctly. Support are aware and their workaround is to remove the Strava <> Withings/Nokia connection and then add it back again. this will update your weight.

in the meantime. if you open a support ticket about it, it will add your voice to the issue and hopefully it might get fixed sooner.

Weight not syncing from Garmin, Fitbit nor Withings (Strava either)  


yes please - a fix for this would be good.