Weight automagical

Me for one like Zwit to be as IRL as posible, DS @ 100% and road feel activated on my Neo.
I then what my weight as close to my accual weight at possible at all time, for that it would be nice if Zwift could get data from Garmin connect (or other brand) or allow that in my case Garmin to push my weight every time I’m on the scale.

Yes I do flux alot in my weight, thats why…

what scale do you use. Zwift does sync with fit bit scales.

I use Garmin Index™ Smart Scale connected to my Garmin Connect account.
Have I missed the option to make a connection here???

Regards/ Mikael

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Can you connect the scale to Fitbit. I use a withings scale and link it to fitbit to get my weight to Zwift.

Tried that one just now, but fitbit can’t connect to Garmin scale, worth a try though…

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Hi Gerrie,

Do you have to have a Fitbit device to create an account? I use Garmin watch & head units so have never had a fitbit.

But I have a Withings scale so would like to set up a link to Zwift if I can.


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No you don’t need a Fitbit (don’t tell them). I know you can link the withings with a Fitbit account. That’s what I do.

There is a post here somewhere with the process.
(I am full of sawdust now so can’t search)

Cheers, I will have a search.

found it:

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Thanks Gerrie, I will give it a go.

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Ok, I finally gave up on waiting for the withings scale to magically start working, so I connected my Fitbit account to both withings and zwift, so I will try this hack out. Do you need to keep launching the fitbit app to get this to sync or does it just work automatically service side once the link is set up?

No you don’t have to wait, every time you wiegh it will go to Zwift.

Oh nice, I lost a bunch of weight since the last time my scale synced with Zwift, so I guess I’ll just be floating up the Alpe in a few mins then :slight_smile:

Normalising workarounds makes the baby ■■■■■ cry. I’d rather they just fixed it. :wink:

(I’m tickled by the censorship of ■■■■■. What if my name actually happens to be Jesús? Oh, that’s OK anyway. Crazy.)

Oh for sure, it’s kinda weird that Fitbit can make this work, but it’s borked on Zwift. I held out hope for months and wasn’t changing the weight manually just in case that messed up the auto-changes but, I’m not gonna bother waiting any longer. I already had a withings scale, so didn’t buy it because of zwift, but at the time I joined zwift they were still advertising withing scale sync. I don’t see it now, so they must have taken down that messaging since.