Does Withings Weight Synchronization Actually Work?

I have a Withings scale that I use daily, and I have a Withings connection set-up in my Zwift Profile, but the weight I see in my profile usually does not match the most current weight recorded by the scale.

Is this connection still working in Zwift? If so, how often does it actually update Zwift with a recorded weight? I would expect Zwift to reflect my daily weight (since I weigh myself daily), but Zwift does not. Thanks!

Thanks. Just disconnected/reconnected and the weight looks better (within 0.1 kg). I thought I did that before and it worked (at least once), so I guess I’ll keep an eye on it to see if it changes with new weight readings.

Hmmm. That’s what I was afraid of: I’ll look into opening a ticket.

If push updates don’t work, then it would be easier to update weight manually rather than disconnecting/connecting each time. Of course, I doubt that anyone would do a manual weight update before each ride – or at least not if they are making their weight greater than it was :wink:.

Congrats on the France route badges – looking forward to the coming weekend to get a crack at some of the new roads.

There’s currently a bug with the syncing. Used to work great

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Ah, good to know because I just spent 1/2 hour trying to figure out why my weight wasn’t syncing!

Do you know if this is a known bug? Or should try to figure out how to file a bug report?

There is a bug reported,


Wish this worked with my garmin scale.