Automatic Weight Update

I know allowing riders to set up their weight, FTP, etc hasn’t been added yet, and this is by no means a “right now or very soon” kind of request, but it would be great for those of us with WiFi scales to have Zwift sync with my Withings or Fitbit, for Aria users, to grab my most current weight when I log in. Both companies have published APIs so hopefully not terribly difficult to implement.

I like this idea. I hadn’t seen the Aria before, but we do have some bluetooth scales in the office we’ve played with. Wifi with a backend API seems really nice from where I’m sitting.

Nice suggestion.

+1 for connecting Zwift with Withings account to update weight!

Withings connects to TrainingPeaks, Fitbit, and many many other sites, it would be awesome to have it integrate with zwift.  That may even allow you to add an icon that says the weight used in w/kg calculations came from a scale, much like you show where the power came from.

+1 for weight sync with Garmin Connect / Withings :slight_smile:  Great idea !


Yes it’s planned. No need to artificially bump it. :slight_smile:

This feature request is exactely the feature I was thinking about yesterday.

I don’t know the possibilities the withings API offers you, but besides the automatic update and just as an idea the data obtained from withings could also be used to “certify” the players weight etc.

I would be happy if you could integrate as a first step a link to Withings and think about my suggestion once obtained experience with the API and usage.


How could automatic syncing from a scale allow you to have a “certified” weight? This has been discussed many times on the forums and there is no reasonable way this can be done. Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of syncing weight from devices and apps, but having it “certified” is asking too much.  

Zwift now connect to Withings (Nokia Health Mate) Thanks Guys.



Go to log in and select edit profile then select Connections


Great thanks!!

Eycellent, Thank You

Thank you!!  I keep my account current even though I haven’t ridden inside in 3 months because you keep cranking out great new stuff like this, I am happy to support it.  I will be back in the Zwift world with soooo much new goodness soon enough.  

Love it!

Great that my Withings scales works with my Zwift account. Now that this information is available within Zwift could a pictorial graph be used to track weight loss rather then having to flip over to other apps.

Could be placed with the profile page.

Regards Stephen

Yup, we’ve been keeping track of weight updates for quite a while in hopes that we can soon integrate graphs of ftp and weight over time in the game and in Mobile Link.

We’ve also got fitbit scale integration coming soon, which should work just like the Withings scale.

That’s great news Jon, would be nice to have all this information within one application. I am sure other performance stats can also be added in time.


While this feature has now been implemented, there are issues with it not automatically updating the information within Zwift.

The official workaround is to disconnect and reconnect the Withings connection from within settings > connections.