Support for Underarmor scale via Myfitnesspal or Garmin Connect?

Hi - quite a while prior to Zwifting (which I just started), I got a deal of 50% or so from Under Armour for logging in Myfitnesspal for a long time, and used it to get a scale from them which automatically syncs to Myfitnesspal, which then also pushes said weight to Garmin Connect.

My weight tends to fluctuate quite drastically in general, but especially during the holiday season, and I’d like my weight in Zwift to stay accurate.  I was wondering if Zwift could pull the weight from Under Armour’s services or Garmin Connect when linked?

To be honest, the Under Armour scale has been disappointing in several regards (poor precision even if it’s accurate, was a pain to get linked properly), so even having bought it at a steep discount I’m not sure I’d do it again.  But given that it’s what I have, I don’t think I want to buy another one.  It seems “good enough.”

The other reason I ask is that if Zwift could pull the weight from other services which it’s already linked to rather than just specific scales, then that would increase compatibility for other scale hardware too.

Also - given that MFP can push the weight from the scale to other services - is there currently a service-pushing workaround I could use to get that weight measurement to a service that Zwift CAN pull it from?  Currently I only have Under Armour’s stuff and Garmin Connect linked to Zwift.  So, if I made an account on say Withings of Fitbit or Strava or something, could I get MFP or Garmin Conect to push the weight to those, and then have one of those push the weight to Zwift?  I’m fine with it being a day or so behind as I weigh myself each morning - just as long as it’s getting there.

Thanks for your time, help, and understanding!  And thanks for the enjoyable platform, which hopefully will show up on my scale soon!  Even if it needs to be manually entered, I’m looking forward to watching the pounds drop!

Hi Michael,

We can automatically update your weight if you have a Withings scale. So we certainly have the ability to do this. The limitation on where we can get this information is limited mostly by who will allow us to see their data.

I am not sure whether or not we can pull *weight* from some of the other services - like Garmin Connect. But our support team will know. But we certainly do support this feature - more generally - in terms of automatically updating your weight.


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I’d love to be able to do this via my Wahoo Balance scale and Wahoo Wellness app - or just direct from Apple Health.


We already sync with Apple Health Kit. Just go into Health Kit and check settings. You need to have either ZML or the Zwift Game installed on your iphone, but if you do, just go into sources and make sure that you have it set to read weight.


Hi Jordan,

I have ZML installed on the iPhone, however, there are no read options to select:


Many thanks,



Hi Will,

So doing some digging. It’s only the Zwift iOS app - the actual game - that reads from health kit. And it only does it the first time, to pull a weight into the game if you haven’t set one. So right now, there’s not an ongoing sync directly with health kit. That was my mistake. I don’t track my weight in health kit, so I only remember that the first time I opened the game, it asked if I wanted to allow it to read/write to health kit.

We can change this - but as with any new feature, we would need to do some work and testing. But I’ve made a note about it.

In the short term, the solution to your particular problem is to sync via FitBit or WiThings. That I know updates your weight in game constantly.


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Well after lots of trying various sync paths, I found this website which will probably be very helpful to everybody here:

I only found it today so no idea what the auto sync is like/how often it does it, but when I set up Garmin Connect as a body composition source and fitbit as a body composition destination, it did sync it properly when I did it manually a bit later. I’ll update later if there’s issues with it not automatically syncing.

I really like how they show EXACTLY what data can be read, what can be updated, whether it can only do only 1 of those actions or both for EACH METRIC of a service, clearly outlined - unlike most. For example Zwift syncs with several things, but it isn’t near as clear as on the above website as to what exactly it can read/write for each service.

Also for example - when I linked MyFitnessPal to Fitbit, Fitbit would update my weight perfectly and almost instantly whenever I manually entered a weight in MFP, but never did wind up updating whenever there was an entry in MFP from the scale. I guess because technically MFP isn’t the origin and some other Under Armour service is?

Anyways if that site auto-updates decently that will probably solve the problem for the vast majority of people here, or shorten the string of pushes for others. Fingers crossed that it helps!

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