Automatic weight syncing?

(Paul Rutherford) #1

Is it possible for Zwift to automatically sync your weight information with Strava or another program like MyFitnessPal or Garmin Connect? This would save having to enter it into Zwift before each ride.

Support for Garmin Index Smart Scale for Automatic Weight Syncing
(Harvey Keefe) #2

I agree, sounds like a good idea, but not sure you need that.
I’ve simply entered my weight once in my Zwift rider profile.
Log-in at to update your profile.
Zwift doesn’t prompt me to enter my weight for each ride.

(Anthony Cree (STC)) #3

Same here, once entered, it stays. Syncing would provide for it to be up to date though.

(Frode Vullum [V]) #4

Would be nice if it synced with the Withings as well:

(Doug Gravino) #5

While you’re adding in sync options, a sync to Fitbit for both weight (Aria scale) and exercise activity would be nice.

(Simon Ox [VC10]) #6

+1 for automatic Strava settings sync

(David King) #7

another +1 for automatic Strava weight sync

(@ meylina) #8

+1 for automatic syncing with Garmin Index Smart Scale :slight_smile:


(P. Brunelle) #9

+1 for auto weight sync w/ Garmin Connect / Withings

(Joe Puetz) #10

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(Neil Duffy {wRb}CVR(A)) #11

+1 for weight sync with strava etc

(Stef Levolger) #12

Automatic weight sync would most certainly be a welcomed addition.

(Hedley Phillips (SCOTLAND)) #13

Would love to see my scales update Zwift. Strava has it, MyFitness Pal, Garmin and several other apps.

I know it’s not going to be high up on the request list but it would be a great feature to have.

(Don Laury) #14

+1, if you’re training hard and losing weight, it would be nice to have that progress reflected automagically in Zwift without having to remember to go into settings and enter it yourself. Not a big thing, but it would be nice. Withings. Otherwise I have no need to go out and buy a connected scale. Hmmm… maybe it’s a good thing it doesn’t do it.

(Hans Winter MGCC (C)) #15

+1 Shouldn’t be that difficult. I looked at IFTTT, but nothing there for Zwift. 

(David Hundley ChiTC) #16

Agree that weight sync should be a feature. All of my other apps share weight updates through iOS Health. That’s exactly what the framework is for. Considering that Zwift presumably takes in the information as part of its calculus to convert watts to the speed your avatar dude is riding, and that some folks are racing in some form or another within the game, it would seem that auto weight sync would be somewhat important to accuracy and fairness. Actually, the right side does display everyone’s watts/kilogram, after all.

(Joe Puetz) #17

@hans, vou arr right. un fortinatly there is no channel for zwift in if-TTTT right now. that would be an otherconsiderable feature request, but theire are channels for withingsand garmin, and as twift does partner with garmin it should be not to difficult to get the wetight data from withings through garmin into 'Zwift

(Russell Gowers [CRANKS] KISS (C)) #18

It’s been a while so I’ll give this a bump.

I am losing weight regularly at the moment and would like my Zwift twin to keep up-to-date with this.

I weigh myself on my Garmin Index scale, which syncs to Garmin Connect and pulls straight through to Strava. Zwift should sync with the Strava weight on each log-in, so that my losses (or gains…) are accurately reflected.

(Felix Zachlod CPR24) #19

@Russel - how do you get your weight synced to Strava? Do you use a third party app for that? For me that does not work although my accounts are connected. It is a bit silly that noone explains what it actually means to connect accounts. What does it imply? I get my activities over from Garmin to Strava but no weight. And to get activities back from Strava I need tapiriik (which generally works but implies some major drawbacks especially for Zwift activities). Did not find anything on weight syncing on the web except that it should work with MyFitnessPal and Garmin Connect.

(Tom Baker) #20

+1 for weight syncing between Strava & Zwift

@Felix - just connecting the Garmin and Strava accounts worked for me - I have the Garmin Index Scale and it gets automatically carried across into Strava every time I weigh myself.