Started Race facing the wrong way

I signed up for just my second race on Monday night which was fun.

I joined only a few minutes before the race started so was at the back of the group in the pen which was to be expected, but I was also facing away from the start. I stayed like that until the start of the race when I took a wide arc to turn round which meant having to put in a fair amount of effort to catch even the back of the pack and absolutely no chance to get with one of the front few groups.

Did this happen because of something that I did, or did wrong, or is it some sort of bug? If something I did I’d like to make sure I don’t do it again in future.


Nothing to do with your setup. A bug.

Maybe that’s one of Zwift’s anti-sandbagging protocols, and they suspect you of being under category lol. Wait—now that I think of it, it might be fun if, when the system calculated over-category power levels, it suddenly made the rider do a u-turn, and then said rider had to react and u-turn themselves back into the flow while losing ground. But as @B_CN said, it sounds like a bug. Bummer for you and your second race :frowning_face:

Not sure if it’s better being a bug rather than something I did, but hopefully won’t happen again. Will have to sign up for another one soon just to check it out.


Saw this on a Paris race I did the other day, there were four or five people facing the wrong way in the pens.

Happened on a Paris ride (reverse Champs), affected a few of us. Never seen it before. Would have been worse if it were a race.