Neon flats race U turn

Tried my first race today the DBR Sunday race Neon flats two laps. I entered as a cat D and stayed in the front group, but after the first lap the group performed a u turn. I faffed about trying to find the u turn icon , forgetting that it’s just the down arrow. I carried on cycling in the original direction but noticed another racer a few metres up the road but I was now down in 25th also the distance indicator for lap 2 was increasing so I carried on and finished the race with 4 other riders. I assume I should have performed a u turn with the front group ? Just seems a bit odd in the middle of a race and in a virtual world where a loop could be created.
Racing certainly helped my motivation to maintain power I just need to study the route beforehand.

Sounds like a bug :bug:

You shouldn’t be able to do a U Turn in any event.

Not great that this happened to you in your first race. As James has written above there are no U Turns in races you just follow a set route.

HOWEVER very recently there have been some odd things happening in races. People in some races appear to be sent down different routes to others, this might have been what happened to you, I don’t know.

Your Activity report doesn’t look like you were in a DBR race today, your distance cycled (15+ miles) didn’t match the race distance (18+ miles) but I think that might just be an internet issue at the time you were saving your ride ?? You do appear to be placed 26th in the results which show on the other racers Activity reports.

Looks like you were going well until being sent in a different direction. This shouldn’t normally happen to you in the future, however it is useful to check out routes anyway just so you know what to expect regarding the elevation changes.

you got unlucky. i’ve had it happen to me once in about 900 events over the past 3+ years (fairly recently, actually) and it made me want to throw my pc through my shed window. but on the bright side, it’s only happened to me once in 900 events. i hope your next race goes better for you brother