Software quality management? (ATV 4K)

The new Zwift update is (once again) full of obvious bugs. Meanwhile I think the software developer team consists of underpaid hobby programmers. I have no understanding whatsoever for such serious errors, that is simply sloppiness.

  • My wahoo bluetooth heart rate strap is no longer reliably detected. The displayed heart rate values have nothing to do with reality and remain constant despite high wattage load.

  • The length of routes and sprint distances is displayed as 0 km/mi.

  • After completing a route (Flatland Loop) my values do not appear in the results list.

And these are just a few examples - no, i don’t bother to post screenshots again and then wait a year until these bugs are fixed.

You obviously don’t learn from your mistakes and enjoy trying the patience of your paying customers.

Finally, pay more attention to software development and less to marketing. After watching this for years, there is no reason for me to wrap my criticism in nice words anymore.

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