Screen capture gone bad for good?


This has been going on, in one form or another, for about 8 months now (maybe more…). Screen capture is broken to the point of being useless: having just finished a ride, only 20 of the 184 images (some taken on the PC, some via the companion app) are non-black (some “clean” images taken on the PC.)

Begin rant:

New routes are always a nice addition. However, adding new features should not come at bug fixing expense. First priority should go to keeping the basics working, only then can new features be added. This is not an issue of “bugs will always exist”, this is an issue of “this bug’s severity is not high enough to fix” - in which case, IMHO, this “feature” should be removed altogether.

(yes, I did have extensive exchange with support on this… it is easy to replicate, and I did notice some tweaking here and there to the feature - I just wonder how long will it stay broken…)

Are you sure its not a weak connection issue? personally i have had no problem with that,on the other hand i dont take 180 photos in one ride,ride on👍

Sorry… this cannot possibly be a “weak connection” issue (and not a “high latency issue”, a favorite scapegoat). Image capture is local to the LAN, and PC screen capture is local to a single PC.

I am curious as to your screen capture experience… has it been 180 photos using the companion app or the PC? In my experience (and it seems Zwift is also aware of this), taking over 20 photos on the PC results in no “clean” images taken from that point on on the PC.

8 months? really?

Why would you want to take that many photos, not judging but why? Won’t it be easier to just use OBS studio and record the whole ride?

You are right… OBS is the way.

As for “why that many”, the answer is simple: I am a lousy photographer. I stand much better chance of finding a photo I like in 100 photos than 5 .

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