No screen capture uploaded, again!

You know the drill by now.

Finished TDZ stage 8. Lots of screen capture images taken.

Upon completion, none were presented, and (obviously) none uploaded. Luckily, the ride’s FIT file was uploaded, so that ride did count toward completing TDZ.

Haven’t changed my configuration for m-o-n-t-h-s now.

Hey, @Zwift, will you ever fix these bugs???

(yes, I am p*ss*d)

It’s on the list of things to fix.

I do question that knowing it was an issue why you expected it to be any different? Couldn’t you use the companion app for the pics?

Not sure how you know it’s on the “list of things to fix” :wink:

ZC is what I am using for a l-o-n-g time now. F10 is broken (can take no more than 20 images, black images, etc.) ZC is also starting to deteriorate (long delay before captures, no “clean” images, etc.)

Points are:

  • Zwift hasn’t bothered to fix it for more than 2 (3?) years now. Not even comment on a fix. Nothing (do I hear “Antagonizing users”???)
  • A workaround is always a stopgap. Not a solution (“F10 doesn’t work? Move to ZC. ZC doesn’t work? Why do you need screen captures?” etc…)
  • When can we expect this mess to finally be fixed?

If you read the forums you’ll see Zwift acknowledges the issue and is working on it.

Not sure it’s been as long as you say it has to be honest. For me I’d rather they prioritise issues that effect the functionality of Zwift rather than something that’s nice to have. A lot of resources have been ploughed into the recent issues regards to it crashing with thousands of users and then the BT pairing issue. Rather fix these than being able to take a photo.

I’m sure it’ll be resolved sooner or later. You could install an image capture program so it takes a screenshot on a keypress. You can then manually upload them to Strava. It’s a workaround I know but it achieves what you want.

These are all things that previously worked and were subsequently broken. They should all have high priority, since it’s functionality going backwards not out of choice. Screenshots will rightly be lower on the list than Bluetooth pairing but at this point I don’t know why it’s unreasonable to expect them to work on several things at once.

Nice to haves would be stuff like steering on Wahoo Kickr Bikes.

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I read them daily. All I am aware of is @shooj asking for “who’s interested”…

Please let me know if you care for my mail exchange with support from that time.

This is your subjective view. But Zwift has never informed us of their priories. And as long as the feature exists, it needs to be functional. Zwift is welcome to disable screen capture altogether - but of course they won’t.

And this issue persists for three years now. Surly, Zwift could have found the time,
or at least used the time to improved their engine - none of which happened.

I’ve long implemented my own workaround. But it can’t upload images to my Zwift feed… and why on earth should one need a workaround anyway?

Also… “later” as in “more than three years”?

When I take a screen capture, using the companion app, the pictures are also stored on my phone. Sometimes i upload pictures to my Strava account.