End of ride: No images presented (or uploaded...)

This has been going on-and-off for some time now.


Do you have the ride set to private in the upper right hand corner? I’ve never used that feature but it looks like it is enabled.

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Thanks for replying!

Yes, it is private… is this it?

Not sure, test it out by doing a ride that is public and see what happens.

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I thought you meant to say it was recently changed so that no images are displayed or uploaded in “private” upload… Actually, I always have been uploading my ride in “private” mode, and it always worked.

Last couple of months, however, I started having no images displayed, and none uploaded, on occasion. Like today…


what device do you use for Zwift, all the pictures are stored locally I believe. Could it be a storage space issue?

Nope… lots of disk space, all images are there…

Just another Zwift bug, it seems.

Will it ever get fixed?

Can you give us more information.

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Information like: how long was your ride? Did you manually take any ‘photos’ during your ride?


@Gerrie_Delport can you combine this thread with the original one from the other day:


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@Mike_Rowe_PBR Done.

I’m not so sure this is a bug, I feel like it is a setting on your device that is not allowing the pictures to upload. Did you try a public ride to see if that made any difference?


Thanks for replying. I’ve actually supplied Zwift support with extensive information about this issue, over a substantial a period of time - to no avail (I must commemorate Zwift support on the effort - however, effort is not a substitute for success.)

Let’s first remove the usual scapegoats, I doubt any of which bears any relevance to the issue at hand, as the images are on my side, and Zwift should be able to identify them:

  • No connectivity issues
  • Plenty of disk space
  • Win10 laptop, Fully updated
  • Laptop screen is duplicated to a TV (Full screen mode - in the past, Windowed mode made no difference)
  • Images are available locally.
  • Issue is intermittent: last two rides I got no images displayed, 4-5 rides before that, everything was OK (might have to do with one of the recent updates - I really don’t know.)
  • No 2.4GHz transmitter active (not that it should matter)
  • Everything is ANT+ connected
  • Images are taken using ZC (Android) only (It doesn’t really work using F10…)
  • Not using OneDrive, DropBox or Google Backup (none installed on the laptop…)
  • Had plenty of images uploaded in the past, all in “Private” mode.

This is now the second time in a row it happens (though, as I said, it is intermittent):

  • Today’s “Jerome Clementz & Jean Biermans // Wahoo Shred Sessions (E)” (around 1 hour, more than 30 images taken)
  • Yesterday’s “Tour for All 2020: Stage 1 Shorter Ride” (around 1 hour, more than 30 images taken)

Let’s be clear about the issue: its not that the images are not uploaded, its that images are not displayed or identified. Zwift will surely not upload images it can’t see…

I doubt there is anything on my side relevant (though I am willing to try things…) This is just another one of those bugs, waiting to be fixed.

What happen if you only take 3 pictures in a ride? Can it be that there is a limit.

I have been taking around that many pictures for years now. How else can I select the one I care to upload? (and it kind of works, a lot of times…)

Is Zwift saying “if you take more than 20 images, all bats are off”?

No i’m just wondering if there is a limit that we don’t know about. If there is a limit then we found the reason why you see this happening.

Look like this is not the first time Screen capture gone bad for good?

This has never been suggested or implied by Zwift support.

Not sure what you mean by “this is not the first time”… that post referred to another issue (which may or may not be related), of Zwift not being able to take more than ~20 “clean” images using F10 on the laptop (which is why I switched to taking images using ZC) - and that issue now persists for more than two years .

Is there an antivirus or firewall that could be blocking the images?

I guess Windows Defender is there (and Windows firewall as well) - but it shouldn’t have made any difference, even if there was an anti-virus present: the images are present locally, and can be accessed by any application running under that user’s logon.

Zwift does not display the images… how can one expect images an app is unaware of to get uploaded?

… and there was no change to the laptop from those cases images were displayed (I am only using it to Zwift…) In fact, I don’t recall a single incident where images were displayed but not uploaded.