Image upload still broken - 3 years and counting

It’s been fixed for a long time.
I’d look at your setup if it’s not working.

Give us more details and we may be able to help diagnose the issue.

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Never encountered this on any of my systems/builds, in the 3.5 years I’ve been using Zwift. I know saying this doesn’t really help, but it suggests it’s a config issue rather than a fundamental problem with the game itself.


How many pictures did you take this time? If I recall you usually take over 30 per ride.


I am willing to consider every possible option, however, do note the frequency of such though admittingly low (and may have been lower still in the past year or so), is not to the point of non-existant.

I can think of nothing in my configuration causing this (but feel free to suggest…). It is, as I said, a long standing issue - and I went though several setups during that time (and numerous support exchanges…)

(and yet, thanks!)

22 pairs of clean+regular taken from the PC, 6 missing the clean part, 44 from the companion (each two consisting of a pair of identical images…) - Some of the ZC images got duplicated in the PC.

Unfortunately, I do not share that sentiment.

The frequency is low, but the issue (as I see it), still exists. It make take 50 rides to re-occure, but it does - and it does regardless of my configuration, as it changes over those years.

But if there is anything you can think of in terms of configuration - I am more than willing to listen. Granted, my PC is always up-to-date with all relevant S/W, may network connection is solid, am not using any of DropBox, One Driver or such.


A one in 50 failure rate or less as you’ve admitted I wouldn’t call such as issue, especially given the number of images you are taking.

Given the lack of widespread reporting of this issue I’m afraid it does lead back to something about your setup rather than an inherent fault with Zwift.

Like Dave I’ve never had a failure across any of the platforms I use Zwift.

I’d maybe just accept that now and again something doesn’t quite go right. I mean it’s not like its a photo of a family member that can never be recreated.

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There is your problem like the many times before. The answer is not to take so many photos.

We go around this with you every few months.

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I don’t see a reason why there should be any limit… will you accept a limit of 22 files per Windows directory?

This is a bug/omission/half-implemented/half-tested Zwift feature - and Zwift should do something about it. It randomly appears: exceeding the 22-image “limit” is most times not an issue. I actually can’t tell what is the logic behind this issue - it can very well be totally unrelated to the number of images, as I often exceed this number. There is simply no way telling what the root cause it.

I do apricate every help offered (and quiet a few have… thanks!) - however, this (to me…) is clearly an issue Zwift need to address, is totally valid subject to float in the forums, not to mention it was half-confirmed here in the past. Surly, that number of screen captures does not bother everyone - however, I am sure there are lots of riders equally frustrated - just being silent.

Zwift, please fix it. Thanks.

I totally understand your point of view (and if one can point in the general direction of setup issue - I will be greatly thankful ).

But it is a personal preference I do not share.



Even if there is a limit (which in itself does not seem too unreasonable for me), certainly losing all the images is not an appropriate way to fail gracefully once the limit is reached.

I’ve previously maxed out the number of images taken and it still worked as expected at the end. Admittedly I’ve only done this once.

I see no reason there will be… Do you expect to have an upper limit on, say, right turns?

My understanding this is some relic nobody cares to fix: a long forgotten part of the game nobody maintains anymore.

No, because the game doesn’t need to temporarily store and then display later a list of all the right turns.

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Exactly, the end-of-ride photo selector UI becomes rather clumsy already by the time you get to ten or so photos, and a lot of photos requires a lot more storage (not that that should be much of an issue in this day and age). And anyway it’s not like the scenery is going to look any different from one day to another…

But yeah, the way it fails now is awfully inelegant.

The images are stored on disk - not in some resident memory. They are written to disk at the time the capture is taken - not at some later time. The amount of disk memory available even to the tiniest of machines today can accommodate a vast amount of images (this is trivially simple to verify). Displaying a thumbnail is beyond “tiny”.

And, yes, the UI is… well… Zwift (btw, it does not present all photos taken - only those it cares to present, with some more of that bizarre-incomprehensible-logic applied to this feature) Why not allow post-ride photo upload? Because Zwift, of course.

The question of scenery is in the eyes of the beholder. But as a feature, it is mostly buggy.

Can you explain why this is so important to you? I don’t mean to be rude, but I just don’t understand how or why anybody needs more than 22 selfies from a ride.

I think I’ve taken one in the last couple of years, so we have differing priorities, I’m just trying to understand yours as I certainly wouldn’t vote this up as an issue that needs to be resolved before any others.


Fair question.

I simply like to adorn my ride record with nice photos - Zwift scenery and experience does fit that description. I’ve learnt ages ago I am a lousy photographer (in both virtual and real worlds…) - and the only “solution” is to take 10x photos as one would like to have, then select whichever is best (also note I can’t tell the future - I don’t know in advance if the future will bring better photos…)

Mind you, this thread is not about the photos number limit, but the random empty photo list presented upon ride completion. The priority each assigns this issue is a personal preference - but my take this is a rather substantial issue.