Partial image uploads

Another ride. Another image upload issue - but this time, a new twist: partial upload

Marked 4 images to upload - only 3 made it. The other marked “Unable to upload ! File not found!” in the log file.

Hey, @Zwift… what gives?



Only 2 of 5 selected image uploaded!

Those 5 selected were displayed (in the “End Ride” menu) - and three of them did not make it to my Zwift feed (logged as “Unable to upload ! File not found!”)

This time (and not for the first time…) the ride also didn’t make it to TrainingPaeks…

(Edit: Turns out my TrainningPeaks/Zwift connection got deactivated, through no action of my own, be it Zwift’s or TrainningPeraks’s action… :frowning: )

What gives?