Zwift not uploading ride to TrainingPeaks

zwift is connected to trainingpeaks account but not uploading.  Problem started today,   On the zwift app, I disconnected and reconnected TP but no success.  Anyone else having same issue???

@Jim - I see you submitted a support ticket, which is perfect for us since we can request and analyze your logs to figure out what happened. I’ve sent you instructions there on how to send those to us.

If anyone else is having this issue, follow the steps Jim did first and make sure your TrainingPeaks and Zwift accounts are connected on If you do a regular ride but don’t see it upload, you can also open a support ticket, and we’ll work with you further there.

Ride On!

I have the same issue. I just opened a ticket.

I have exactly the same issue.  Will open a ticket.

Same issue from yesterday, opened ticket and files sent

Still have the issue today.

same issue since yesterday.  Opened a ticket.

My working again, thanks

I had the same issue. How do I open a ticket?

I have the same issue… Can’t see any data from zwift (I have connected to trainingpeaks through login)?

Does anyone know of a good/better way to gather data from different brands (wahoo elmnt bolt and zwift in my case)?

I have same issue, suddenly. Has worked just fine and suddenly today, no workout uploaded from training peaks and no option even for training peaks drop down menu under workouts. My file was however uploaded to training peaks post ride with no problem. Has anyone found a resolution to this? It’s very frustrating.