Trainingpeaks won’t sync!

Training peaks work-outs will not sync. I have disconnected and reconnected them in the zwift app on pc and they are still not sync. I deleted and re-installed the zwift apps on my phone and ipdad three times (rebooting devices before reinstalling) this did not work.

I have literally spend hours trying all of the things the person on “chat” told me to do and on this forum.
This is STUPID.

Does anyone at Zwift monitor this forum?

Monitor? Yes.
Respond? Rarely.
Action taken by Zwift? Known to happen.

(just a fellow rider… like you)

Same here

Hello from Poland

I have and had in the past the some problems.
I did similar things to you and it steel didn’t work. Later it suddenly started to work. In my opinion we just have to wait and try not by angry. Best. M