Training peaks not syncing

Hi, I think this is an old problem. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting a few times, do I just need to hold tight and it will resolve itself?

Do you mean syncing your Zwift rides to TP, or your TP workouts to Zwift?

I had never problems from Zwift to TP.
If you want to see your TP workouts in Zwift, search in forum, there are some informations about, for example:

One thing to note: only that day’s workout will sync.

Also, TP workouts must be time-based in order to sync correctly.

Hi, syncing both ways. I cant find the zwift activity in training peaks even though both say they are connected. Should it go directly to my calender?

I look in the forum for getting training peaks workouts in zwift.

Thanks so much

My Zwift activities show in calender, had just 2 fit-files uploaded manually (Zwift did not save the activity). Had never changed anything, started Dec 2018.
But I think your first should be disconnect and connect again. Would it be possible you are logged in Zwift on more devices (PC + cell phone)? Just an idea…

No more ideas, sorry.

Great thanks guys, I got it working once I cleared the cache.