Zwift workouts not being uploaded to TrainingPeaks

(Daniel Be) #1

Hello everyone,

since Monday I am experiencing some problems with the upload of workouts finished. Just did a group workout and it is not automatically being uploaded to my TrainingPeaks account.

It worked well before the update and my regular rides are still being uploaded. Just not the workouts.

The “save or discard”-screen did not show up at the end of the ride.

Anyone experiencing the same problem?

(Noots Stanis) #2

HI Daniel, I am having a similar sort of problem which may be connected?I normally download my workout sent to me via Training Peaks. It then appears in my Custom workouts and I can then ride. But recently (in the last week or two?) the downloaded program does not appear in my list of Custom workouts. I have been short of time so I have picked the nearest equivalent but quite honestly I am quite frustrated that I now cannot seem to add any new programs!!

(Daniel Be) #3

Hey there,

I have not noticed this bug yet as I recently did not create any custom workouts with Training Peaks. But will check it out later tonight and then get back to you here.