Training peaks workouts not connecting to zwift

Hi all ive recently changed coaches in training peaks my previous added my workouts and it appeared on zwift,since i changed coaches they have stopped appearing on zwift ive removed both apps and reinstalled both also logged out and logged back in it just doesnt seem to appear .i cant think of anything else to try as both seem to say connected

Did you also remove the Zwift connection to TrainingPeaks and reestablish it?

Yes pal and when i did it says will upload to tp from zwift and read workouts of the day from tp,even on my training peaks it says connections read/write for zwift,the only thing ive chnged from before is coaches.

Are completed rides in Zwift showing up in TrainingPeaks? If not, the connection is still broken. Based on previous threads on this topic, I would contact support at Zwift and/or TrainingPeaks.