After Daylight savings change - Training Peaks workouts no longer appear

Hi all,

Just had a training session with my team and found that anyone who had experienced a daylight savings time zone change no longer received their custom training peaks workout from me. The one person on mountain time, who did not experience a change did get the workout. I assume this is a disconnect between Zwift & Training peaks somewhere.

We made lemonade out of lemons and executed it manually, but I’d like tp be sure this is working again.

Has anyone else seen this issue this morning.

Note: also had to restart Zwift a couple of times because i could not get past the pairing screen. Devices were all paired but kept ending up on a the search popup. Zwift seems funky today.

Thoughts anyone?


I had the same issue this morning !

Nice to know I am not crazy! LOL

I had the same problem with all my athletes today. Is it fixed?

Just checked - Still broken - Hoping Zwift HQ will address.

Try logging out of TP then back in and then do the Zwift disconnect/reconnect thing. That worked for me.

After cursing at Zwift for 45 minutes I noticed I could not open and edit this week’s workouts on TP and they were greyed out. Logging out and back in TP fixed that This might be a TP issue, not Zwift.


Retested this morning. TrainingPeaks workouts are now appearing again in Zwift. It seems whatever was broken between the two systems has been resolved.


Glad you are up and running. I cannot get Zwift to interact with Training Peaks AT ALL. No workouts… nothing.

Once again I logged out of everything. Into Zwift disconnected training peaks. Logged out. Logged in, connected TP… logged out… logged in to make sure it indicated it was connected. Opened Zwift on IOS iPad (and phone BTW) and it does not see TP! I have written to CS at least twice and the emailed saying “an ambassador will be contacting you shortly”. I a bunch of BS! No Idea what to try next. You can only uninstall/install so many times.

For what it’s worth, I’m still having this problem…

Anyone else?