Samsung S21 Issues

Hi. I am running a galaxy s21 and chrome casting to a PC monitor riding an Elite Suito.

The problem I am having is that the connection drops out on every ride between 30 and 40 minutes. Once it drops out it won’t reconnect unless I shut everything down and restart

It’s driving me mad and I can’t find a fix. Any help appreciated folks

I’m having a very similar issue as soon as I upgraded my phone to a Galaxy S21. Very frustrating to say the least.

Would be nice to have a resolution to this.

Same thing for me lately, it lags then it freezes. no App open except Zwift… before the holidays I didn’t have this problem. it would be nice if the problem could be solved

Zwift app updated in Android Play Store. The new version is not compatible with my Galaxy S21, and I can no longer run Zwift on my phone. Will Zwift fix this?

Have you changed your location settings as per the other threads?

There’s been much documented about the s21

Thank you Stuart. I need more assistance. I’ve looked and did not see any other responses about this issue on Samsung S21.

Is this something that Zwift will fix or let me know how to fix it?

What exactly is the issue you are facing?

This MIGHT be an issue with samsung s21 and s21 ultra not having ant+.
I know the phone doesn’t have ant+, and if that’s the issue, then the problem must be that bluetooth connection isn’t stable, probably due to interference or blocked signals.
Try to turn off all things bluetooth except the phone and your workout gear, then position the phone in a line of signt to all the devices.
No more than 1 meter away.

Things that WILL affect performance of bluetooth frequencies are carbon frames, your entire body, mirrors, kitchen tiles… ect ect.

Sorry to bring this thread back. But this is EXACTLY the problem I have.
S21 Ultra 5G.

It will work for roughly 30 mins or so.

Bluetooth connection drops between trainer and phone.

Rebooting the trainer or my bluetooth on phone do not fix. Only closing the Zwift app and ending the ride and starting again will get it to work.

I don’t really see how it is a problem of bluetooth vs ANT+ because it is so consistent and I’m literally only having bluetooth problems with Zwift.

Any suggestions appreciated.

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