Upside down on Samsung S21 [September 2022]

I have an S21 FE Lite and I can’t get the screen to orientate, it rotates to the up-side-down position

Hi @Trevor_Jordan welcome to Zwift forums.

I split your question off from its original location. Can you grab a screenshot of what you’re seeing and drop it in your response? Would like to see what you’re seeing.

I deleted the app and reinstalled it (which I should have tried before) and it seems to be working ok now.
Normally I mount the phone Via Quadlock on the bike. Previously the screen would align in the correct orientation but the last couple of times it would maintain the upside down alignment whether screen rotation was on or off. The reinstallation of the app seems to have worked
If it happens again I will be in touch

Thanks for following up, and glad that it’s resolved. If it happens again - please take a photo of your setup w/ the phone on the handlebars?

Here are the pictures requested as my issue is back

Here is a video of my issue

Thanks for including the photos. I’ve forwarded to the team to have a look.

Try this in case the accelerometer in your phone is slightly off so it thinks it is tilted the other way.

Thanks Chris but all I get s the WH icon